Sunday, September 10, 2006

technology is not the answer

today's public service announcement: backup all your data. seriously.
my ibook g4 is currently being shipped off to get the hard disk repaired or possibly replaced. bizarrely, the breakdown occurred right when i was putting in my new replacement battery - i thought that was the culprit, but how could a battery do that? after two visits in one day to the genius bar at the apple store, they sent it off. i should get it back in a week or so. it is strange to be without my laptop, but i think it will be a good break. fitting since i just picked up my first reading of wendell berry from the library.

i was pretty gutted when i thought i would lose all the files on my computer. all of my regent papers (for what they are worth). photos from the past year of life. luckily i was able to pull all that stuff off and put it on an external hard drive. that was close.


ajt said...

crazy. mine did the exact same thing a week ago and so I should be getting it back in a couple of days.

thankfully, I am married to a techno-genius who just a few days before said, "Hey honey, when's the last time you backed up your laptop?"

and thankfully, I am such an obedient :) wife that I did it.

I feel your pain.

Katie S Brown said... many times is mac going to give you a new laptop?? Thank GOD for applecare, hey?