Monday, March 16, 2009


you'd think that as you age, at least you'd outgrow having pimples. especially the kind of zit you can feel coming on a few days before it really shows up and it feels like all your nerve endings in your face now end in that zit and you know you shouldn't touch it but you can't help it because it is slowly driving you insane. so that was my monday - how was yours?

actually monday is one of my more favorite days of the week these days because it's when i go volunteer. it offers a little more structure than other days. i was the traffic director again - it's all right i suppose, in the playing a video game kind of way. i don't get to interact with people as much. it is funny to observe how volunteers interact with each other. we seem more willing to offer the guests respect than each other. i don't really get why that is the case but it fascinates me. a different job listing has been posted; i know i want to jump on that, but a part of me also is hesitant to get denied again. foolish, yes. human, yes. i guess life is choosing to overcome those hesitations.

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