Saturday, March 07, 2009

not to be taken literally

well, today my mood is lower than it was yesterday. to counteract, i am sitting in the sun and also preparing myself for the madness that is march college basketball. i have a small talent for picking pretty good brackets, and have won myself a little bit of cash in the past. ah, i have it ! pro sports gambler, that's the life for me. famous last words. in any case, who wants to do a bracket? i can set up a pool on espn - let me know. maximize opportunities for trash talk, people. (i can't properly asses how this course of action is helping my mood, looking forward to actual people interaction later).

on the bright side, i think my cold is on it's way out. i am less achy and weak feeling. hopefully i can hold back on going full throttle until i am totally healed. no more jamba juice - i think my teeth are decaying. however, i am practically immune to scurvy for the next 5 years, i think.

on another note entirely, if you spend any length of time in the bay area, sooner or later you will see a car that has been turned into some form of moving art. i don't really get it, but apparently painting stuff on or gluing weird crap to your car is necessary to a) attend burning man or b) cement your rep as a hippie. when i saw this, i had to pull over and take a picture for my favorite ex-housemate, sienna. apparently, she is nursing a serious obsession for my little pony. for those not in the know, sienna is 2 1/2, and not a grown up. i would be less likely to indulge her fascination for colored ponies were she an adult.
anyway, she really liked, the "pony car" apparently. and expressed a desire for one for her very own. when i called later in the week, i made an idle suggestion to her that maybe her dad could glue her ponies to the top of their car. dead silence in response to the idea. this did NOT go over very well. oops. as i continued to chat with her mom, lara had to stop talking to me a few times and reassure sienna that jeff was not going to glue her ponies to anything, much less the car. is it bad that i laughed? my bad. note: sarcasm or teasing is not appreciated by young ones.


Anonymous said...

I'd be up for a bracket. Last time I was in one was three years ago, and I ended up in last place. It might have to do with the fact that I don't ever follow college basketball until March, except when UNC dominates Duke.


jeff said...

send me an invite! I will wipe the fluer of you all!!!!!