Monday, March 23, 2009

living life without limits, woo!

i have a sore throat. i am very annoyed. i JUST got over being sick. and i hate jamba juice. and i hate sitting around - well, most of the time. my immune system is letting me down - i usually don't get sick very often.

i woke up this morning not feeling very well. but i knew staying home would just mean me lying in bed feeling sorry for myself so i pulled it together to go volunteer. i'm glad i did - i saw one of my favorite ex-kitchen guys, J, in the break room. he's moved on to some other part of the rehab program so i don't see him much anymore. we exchange deadpan banter and generally goof around:
me: hey j, how are you?
j: oh ... waiting to die.
me: hey, me too. nice!
and so on...

i also got to be a part of an absurd pantomime with a tiny elderly chinese woman who didn't speak english. i didn't understand the request she was making and we somehow figured out that she just wanted rice without the beef stew. when i handed her the tray of rice, she let out this really great cackle/laugh.

applying to another job at the same place and i managed to introduce myself to the department director. it is handy when they come into the break room for lunch and wear nametags. so hopefully i stick out in a good way and this goes somewhere. in any case, i count the encounter towards my practice of extroversion this year.

and then i went home and felt terrible. but it was worth it. hopefully this doesn't turn into a full blown cold or illness.

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