Sunday, March 29, 2009

sunny sunday

got home late last night after volunteering at an old college friend's fundraiser. it was cool to see her in action, and to see the kids who benefit from the program, as well as just to be out and about for an evening. free wine and dinner was more than enough compensation for me. made a weak attempt at networking but mostly just enjoyed helping out. during dinner i sat next to a man talking about how his company is working on a fully electric car, when his friend on the other side of me asked me what i did, i simply grinned and responded, "well, that's a good question!" which made him laugh, at least. i'm not big on schmoozing anyway. it is interesting to see a different but necessary aspect of nonprofit work.

spent a pleasant evening tonight with friends and had a disagreement with a 3 year old over whether or not 7 is more than 5. just for the record, i was arguing that 7 is indeed more than 5. even when he turned to his mom, the ultimate authority, he still didn't believe her. even when we held the numbers up on our fingers. and counted the eggs in the picture that started this whole debate. he remained unswayed. what are ya gonna to do?

... i had other things on my mind to write but i can't seem to recall them right now. that's pretty weak on my part, i know. sorry 'bout that.

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